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How to Get Backlinks from Youtube

How to Get Backlinks from Youtube - Hi blogger friends, how are you all? Hope everything will be fine. On this occasion I would like to share what I have just learned so far that I hope can be useful for all of us, namely how to How to Get Backlinks from Youtube.

What are Backlinks?

Simply put, a backlink is a link that is embedded in a blog / other website that leads to our blog. Backlinks have various types and forms. One of the most frequent and easiest backlinks is Anchor Link, which is when we insert text hyperlinks that point to our blogs/websites on other people's blogs/websites.

For example, I visited a blog X, then after reading some articles on that blog I also inserted a comment in which I also inserted an anchor link that points to my blog. Later, search engines will index the anchor links contained in the X blog as a backlink for my blog.

And that backlink is one aspect of optimizing a blog with Off-page SEO where it is very good for occupying the best results in the SERP. Maybe people prefer to refer to it as "Pageone".

What are the benefits of Backlinks?

When talking about the benefits of backlinks, I will say there are many, many benefits of optimizing blogs by utilizing backlinks. Some of the benefits that are obvious and easily felt include:

1. Optimizing Blog Off-page SEO

In optimizing the blog, there are two aspects that must be considered. The first is optimization from within (SEO On-page) such as optimization of meta tags, title tags and links. And the second is optimization from the outside (Off-page SEO), this is related to promotion, backlinks, etc. Obviously there I mentioned about BACKLINK as a step in Off-page SEO. So, obviously with these backlinks will be able to increase the SEO value of our blog in the eyes of search engines.

2. Simplify the SERP Competition

SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is the target of Bloggers / Online Entrepreneurs in this virtual world. By targeting certain keywords and expecting to get to the top of search results with these targeted keywords or Bloggers often know it as "Pageone". Backlinks here can be a jack for articles on our blog so that they can appear on the "Pageone" SERP. Of course, by posting your articles on the "Pageone" SERP, the traffic on your blog will also increase.

So basically, it's not wrong if you optimize your blog by taking advantage of backlinks that you can get from many places. Even though the backlink value is low, but of course it is still useful for increasing the SEO value of your blog.

Why should I get backlinks from Youtube?

The reason why I am very happy to get backlinks from this one site is because:

  1. Youtube is the 3rd largest site in the world after Google and Facebook.
  2. Youtube is a site rank 9.
  3. Youtube is a site that has the second most expensive selling price after Google.
  4. Youtube is a site frequented by Internet Surfers.

So, you could say that backlinks from Youtube are very, very, very quality backlinks. In addition, by embedding backlinks on Youtube, not only backlinks can be obtained, but visitors may also remember how many users of this video-based social media site service.

How to get Backlinks from Youtube?

Based on what I have practiced from the knowledge that is widely spread on the internet, I conclude that there are 3 ways you can do to get backlinks from Youtube.

1. Installing Blog Links on Channels

Link di  Bio Link di  Bio
  1. Please, my friend, log in to Youtube using the Google account that you have.
  2. Please enter your Youtube Dashboard, if your account is a new account, it will automatically be instructed to create a channel, and all you need to do is follow the instructions until your channel is finished.
  3. After that, please click the pencil icon and then click Edit Links according to picture 1.0 above.
  4. Then you just click the "ADD" button in the Custom Links column.
  5. Then fill in the first column with your blog's name and the second column with your blog's URL.
  6. Finally, please click the blue DONE or DONE button below.

This is the first way to get backlinks from Youtube. By doing these tips, my friend will only get nofollow backlinks from Youtube, but in my personal opinion, the value of this nofollow backlink is different from most nofollow backlinks. That's because Youtube is a big website and definitely has a plus for it.

2. Installing Your Blog Link in Youtube Comments

Link di Kolom Komentar

Maybe this is the easiest way you can do to collect backlinks from Youtube, namely by posting your link in the Youtube comments column. But there are several things that must be considered in using these tips. I also learned these things from the experiences of people who have already hunted backlinks from Youtube. According to them, to use these tips we must pay attention to several things, namely:

  1. Do not put direct links directly. Avoid using link shorteners, and don't use "http://". I don't really understand why this has to be, but because it's based on experience, I choose to follow the rules. It's up to you if you want to follow it or not.
  2. Do not be too often, because the amount that is over can have the opposite effect on the quality of backlinks. Instead of being a quality backlink, it becomes a spam link and is of bad value.

Well, these two rules are ethical rules that are not written anywhere and are found based on personal experience from people who have tried these tips. By utilizing these tips, you can collect Dofollow Backlinks from Youtube. Remember guys, DOFOLLOW! Not Nofollow. So it is clear that this method is very useful as well as risky. Because if we are selfish or in a hurry, a link that should be a backlink will actually affect DEINDEX. It's a shame if it's like that, so be careful, mate?

3. Put Your Blog Link in the Video Description

Link di Deskripsi Video

This method is arguably the safest, most profitable and at the same time the most testing of patience. Because in this one way, my friend must upload a video first before inserting a link which will later become a backlink for your blog.

The method:

  1. Prepare the video that you will upload first, of course.
  2. Log in to Youtube using your Google account.
  3. Click the Upload button at the top right of your screen.
  4. Select the video that you want to upload.
  5. During the upload process, please fill in the available fields such as the Title column and the Description column.
  6. In the title section, please give your friend a title according to your wishes but also related to the video.
  7. In the description section, please give an explanation about the video that you uploaded. After that, please, my friend, give 2 ENTER and then insert the url of your blog.

What distinguishes this method from the second method is that in this way you don't need to use a link shortener and you can use the "http://" appendage in writing your blog URL. But even so, the backlinks you get will be the same, namely Dofollow Backlinks. But as I said before, it takes patience to run this one tip because to embed just one backlink it takes hours (for me personally) to upload a video. But, this one safe way is worth a try.

Those are some How to Get Backlinks from Youtube that I can share on this occasion. I compiled this article based on my personal experience in hunting backlinks from Youtube and also from the results of learning from several sources. Hopefully it is useful and can help all of you in the hunt for quality backlinks.


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