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How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) Blog

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    How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) Blog - Since a few days ago I learned about Page Authority and Domain Authority. From the results of my fad learning, I came to an understanding. This time I really want to talk about this. Maybe many other bloggers have discussed these two things. However, here I want to try to describe my own version.

    I think that's enough with the introduction. Let's get straight into the topic of discussion. Previously, did you know what domain authorityand page authority are? For those of you who don't know what domain authorityand page authority are, allow this unpaired author to explain a little about it. Domain authorityand page authority are barometers or references given by Google to our website whether our website has more trust in the eyes of visitors and Google. (JuraganReview, 2014)

    In essence, the higher the number of domain authorityand page authority of our blog/web, the more likely it is that our blog/website can appear on page oneGoogle and search engines and the faster search engines index the posts on our blog/website.

    The assessment of domain authorityand page authority is to use a logarithmic scale from 0-100. It is said that he said, to reach the number 20 is still relatively easy. However, going forward, 21-50, is already quite challenging. 50-75 is a blog/website that may already be on a national scale with stable traffic in the tens of thousands per day. 76-100 has been said to be an international/very large-scale blog that may have hundreds to millions of thousands of traffic per day. Even Blogger, with its flagship domain,, has only reached 90 more. So, we can call this as a challenge, don't we?

    The question now is 'how to increase our domain authorityand page authority blog/ web?' Yes, right? OK, let's talk about this now. Investigate may investigate, from some references that I read, there are several things that affect the domain authority and page authority our blog/web. Here's the explanation.


    Domain Authority is a measure of the strength of an domain name and is one of many search engine ranking factors. (Pebriyana, 2014) There are several aspects that are said to affect the domain authority of a blog/web. These include:

    Domain Age

    According to a source I found, what is meant by domain age is the range of time this domain is activated until this domain dies/ expired. The older the domain age, the greater the possibility of increasing the domain authority of the blog/web. This is because, search engines consider that blogs/websites with domains that are continuously extended by their owners have credibility. This can be seen from the consistency of the domain owner. Masdesu himself is not even a year old since I published this article. Therefore, from this aspect, I can't say much.

    Domain popularity

    The second aspect that affects the domain authority of a blog is its popularity. The popularity of an domain is measured by how many inbound links (incoming links) the domain has. What are inbound links? I will prepare a special article for this discussion.

    Domain size

    The size referred to here is the size of the blog/web itself. How much content is owned by the blog/website, that is what is taken into consideration because the content will also affect how many inbound links (incoming links) are obtained by the blog/web. Simply put, the more content on our blog, the greater the domain authority of our blog/web.


    Page Authority is an SEO term used to describe the probability that a certain page of your site will be found in a search engine. (Pebriyana, 2014) Similar to domain authority, page authority is important for a blog. What distinguishes domain authority from page authority is the optimization. Page authority focuses more on optimizing every page on your blog/web. And in the assessment of page authority, there are several aspects that need to be considered, namely:

    Content authenticity

    Yes, maybe we've heard about this a lot. Our own original content will be more valuable than the copy-pasted content. Why is that? Because the target of our article is the reader and as we know the reader is human. Those whose names are humans, will definitely be bored if they find content that contains the same things, right?

    In addition, it has been a long time since search engines like Google updated their algorithms and Google is trying to get rid of blogs/websites that have poor quality content. Google also tells the typical content that is considered good with criteria like these:

    • Content contains new and interesting information
    • Frequently updated sites or blogs
    • Detailed, relevant and useful keywords, and
    • Quality and fun to read. (Blogooblock, 2015)

    So make sure we fill our blog with content that meets the criteria above, OK?

    Have quality backlinks

    Similar to domain authority, every page on our blog/web must also have backlinks, i.e. links that point to pages that is on our blog/web. The more links leading to our blog/ web page, the better. But don't forget that the backlink must be of high quality. What is a quality backlink like? In short, quality backlinks are links obtained from large and trusted sites. For more details, I will make a special post about this later.

    Pictures and videos

    Attracting the attention of readers, in the business world there is the term AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action). Images are one of the tools to attract people's attention (attention). So, using attractive images can help our blog/web content become more attractive. But make sure that the images we use represent the content of our blog/website. Don't just click-bait images.

    Also take advantage of the images on our blog/website to attract the attention of search engines by doing SEO optimization on each image. The method? Easy. We just need to add the ALT and TITLE attributes to the images on our blog/website. If we find it difficult to do so, I will make an explanation at another time.

    And also if we have the ability in terms of video editing, make interesting videos related to articles on our blog. This can also be an added value for our blog/web content. For example, we upload our video to Youtube and link the video to our blog/web article via the description column provided. That way, we can increase the number of inbound links too, right?

    So, What should we do to increase the DA and PA of our blog?

    In short, several things we can do to increase the domain authority and page authority of our blog/web include:

    1. Optimization On-page SEO blog, for further explanation of this point, you can read the article entitled Understanding Off-Page SEO and On-Page SEO.
    2. Blogwalking, namely the activity of visiting each other with fellow bloggers to increase traffic to our blog/website. For an explanation of blogwalking and the procedure you can see in my article entitled Benefits of Blogwalking and Good Blogwalking Procedures.
    3. Submit our blog/ web to our web directory, this aims to add inbound links our blog/ web. Since there are so many web directories on the internet, later I will make a separate post specifically to share a list of web directories that you can try.
    4. Submit our blog/ web to social bookmarking, this step is the same as submit to web directory, the goal is to socialize our blog/ web and blog/ web content and also add inbound links. For the links the social bookmarking site, I will share later in another post. So, please be patient, okay?
    5. Promote our blog/web and blog content through social media, especially major social media such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and any other social media that you may have. I myself actively promote Masdesu on several social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Line@. Maybe someone wants to try it?
    6. Update blog articles regularly. As I explained earlier, Google really likes blogs/websites that are regularly updated, especially with new and interesting content that is presented in detail and is easy to read. So, be diligent in update your blog/ web with quality content, of course.
    7. PATIENT, don't be in a hurry. This is very important because if we are 'riot', then we will fall into an 'over-optimization' condition and instead of having a positive impact, it will be considered spamming and lead to blacklisted by search engines. We don't want our favorite blog/web to be deindexed by search engines?

    Maybe that's all I can say about how to increase our domain authority and page authority blog/ web.

    How to check blog DA and PA?

    I myself usually use to check Masdesu's DA and PA. However, there are some other tools that you can try to check the domain authority and page authority of your blog. Here are some links to check your blog's DA and PA:


    Please check one by one and find the most suitable for you to use.


    Maybe it's just my explanation about How to Increase Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) Blog. Hopefully this article can help you in improving the quality of your blog/web and hopefully through this article, our blog/website can become even better. More or less, please understand. For criticism/suggestions/questions, please leave them in the comments column below. Thank you and see you in another article.


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