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Create New Articles or Edit Old Articles?

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    Create New Articles or Edit Old Articles? - As a blogger, one thing that is often asked is, 'which is better, making as many articles as possible or editing old articles?'

    Well, on this occasion I want to discuss a little about it.

    NOTE: This article is based on personal experience, so I hope that inaccuracies in the information are not taken seriously.

    When I was faced with these two questions, I chose to consistently create new content for my blog, but also pay attention to the quality of my old writing.

    Maybe we rarely notice that our old writings actually help the development of our blog, especially when our old writings are long-term information writing like school material.

    Well, to find out whether our old articles have an influence on the development of our blog or not, we can find out through Google Webmasters Tools.

    If the volume of the article appears large enough, it can be said that the article needs to be edited, corrected, added with information and supporting media so that visitors who later come to visit our blog feel comfortable reading the article and feel at home for long on our blog.

    As a result, these old posts can boost the credibility of our blog by continuously appearing on page one Google search results.

    But that doesn't mean we lower the intensity of update new posts for our blog.


    So, new articles and old articles are equally important for the growth of our blog. Do not choose one to develop our blog because this is not an option. Continue to be consistent to regularly update our blog, and also develop old articles that often appear in Google search results.

    That's all I can share about my experience answering this question. I'm sure many questions arise in the minds of friends. So, don't hesitate to ask in the comments column.

    Thank you for reading and see you in my other posts.


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