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Blogspot hard to compete in terms of SEO?

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    Blogspot hard to compete in terms of SEO? - Is it true that using Blogger or Blogspot is difficult to compete in terms of SEO? Do you agree with that statement? Okay, let's try to talk about this.

    How are you, happy? Happy? Some time ago I read from the blog of an expert, an expert in my personal opinion, about the issue that a blog hosted on Blogspot will be difficult to compete in terms of SEO.

    OK, so there's a few things I'd like to cover:

    Well, that's the things I will discuss at this time.

    In the article I said earlier, I stated that a blog hosted on Blogspot is difficult for SEO because of the TRUST factor.

    What is the trust factor?

    So the TRUST factor that is meant here is the factor assessed by Google. Google is now starting to assess the quality of a web as well as humans (people who visit the web). This trust factor is a way of assessing a web. In essence, the trust factor is seen from:

    • How much capital was issued? The bigger the capital, the better the quality, right?
    • How long is the loaded content? The longer the article, the better the quality of the blog/web. That should be it, right?
    • How often is the content on the web/blog updated? The more frequent updates the better the quality of the web.
    • How is the link building? If there are many external links, how can you be trusted?

    OK. More or less those are some of the factors that become an assessment of the trustworthiness of a web. Indirectly, the article wants to say:

    • If a blog hosted on Blogspot is impossible to compete, it's free.
    • If the content is loaded that's all, it's in vain.
    • If the updates are infrequent, for example once a week, it's impossible to believe.
    • If you upload an image on Blogspot, it will become an external link, right? Go to So it will be bad for blog SEO.

    Okay, if indeed the Google Web crawler has assessed it up to that point. What we need to pay attention to (friends who are still using Blogger and me) is the first point.

    The first point is our strength, bloggers who take advantage of the power of Google server. We don't need to be complicated and worried that our blog will be jailed by people, Jingling, bomb clicking, or other criminal behavior because our blog is indirectly taken care of by Google.

    My principle is still like the principle of kismin people in general, "if something is free and the quality is not much different, why pay for it?"

    Next we discuss the second point and the third point a little. These two points relate to the quality of content and the intensity of updating a blog. In my personal opinion, there is a clash between the articles I read and the beliefs I hold dear.

    If you have ever read articles, you may have the same thoughts as me, “Content is king, quality first, quantity then.”

    The meaning may be like this, content is the most important thing on the web. The quality of the content is more important than the quantity. So, it's better to write one article but it's really solutive, informative, and applicable.

    When we create content that is really needed by readers, readers will always read the content to the end. Because they need to.

    So, in my opinion, the quantity of content is not directly proportional to whether a website is trusted or not. It's a different story if the web is news, because what is being pursued is hot news.

    Therefore, the second and third points are a challenge for bloggers who still believe in Blogspot. Can we not create high-quality content, if we can exceed the content on paid websites, in a not too long time. One day one content possible. So it is very possible for those of us who are still using Blogspot or Blogger to compete with paid websites.

    And the last point, regarding the external link of the image. Believe it or not, I don't think it makes a big difference. External links can be bad if they are targeted at a web that is not credible. But the images uploaded on Blogspot are directed to the Blogspot directly whose popularity and credibility are no longer in question. Well, my knowledge about this is still very basic. I'm afraid there's something wrong, so please correct me if there's something wrong.

    How does it affect bloggers?

    Regardless of whether or not the hypothesis raised by the article I read is true, of course it will have an impact on most bloggers.

    I'm sure I'm not the only one reading this article. For some young bloggers or bloggers who have just entered the world of blogging, they will be contaminated with the thought that to create a good blog, one must pay, an expensive domain, exclusive and other cool things.

    And it is not impossible that there are some bloggers whose motivation to blog is to become famous, to later sell, they are down because they think that what they are doing (blog using Blogspot) is useless.

    Maybe not all. But I believe, there are some, if not most, of them.

    What should a blogger do?

    First, make sure your determination first. I'm not saying that the issue raised is a hoax. It's possible that it's true. So, make sure you have a clear goal for blogging.

    If your goal is to do business on a blog and still use the free and powerful services of Blogspot, please get ready to move to rent a hosting or VPS. So that you don't get run over in terms of SEO.

    But, if your goal is to share, share knowledge or opinions, seek reward fields, then just stay on Blogspot. Take advantage of Blogspot and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Line, and other online platforms to show your writing to the public.

    As I wrote earlier, “Content is king.” Don't hesitate to believe that our content (writing) is good, beneficial for those who read it, automatically people will recommend, share, and read other articles.

    So, all you need to do is make a choice. Moving to a paid website or staying with a free blog will be the same, because what will be judged is the quality of the content.


    In the end, I can only say, it all comes back to you. I try to give my opinion, but don't forget that I'm just a learner (lay) about SEO and Internet marketing.

    But based on my personal experience using the Blogger/Blogspot platform to host my writing content as well as trade, my blog's performance is quite satisfactory, really in terms of SEO. It is evident from the following search results on Google Search Console.

    What is clear is that whatever you choose, drink the Sosro bottled tea. Want friends to move to a paid web or still choose a free one, prioritize content. Make sure you enjoy writing content for your website and make sure the content has a positive impact on you as writers and readers.

    I believe that bloggers in Indonesia can have a positive influence on religion, homeland and nation.

    That's a little opinion from the layman. Hopefully something good can be taken. If anything goes wrong it's entirely from me. I welcome comments, criticisms and suggestions. Let's have a discussion. Thank you for being willing to read and see you in my other writings.


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