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Advantages of Using Long Tail Keywords for Blog

Advantages of Using Long Tail Keywords for Blog - There are many differences of opinion about this keyword. Some say targeting short-tail keywords is better than long-tail, some say the opposite. But which one is actually better?

This time I will try to discuss the advantages of using or utilizing or targeting long tail keywords for blog content along with examples of cases.

Without further ado, let's get straight to the topic.

What are Long Tail Keywords?

Before discussing further, I have to make sure you know what long tail keywords are. So let me explain a little about this long tail keyword first.

Long tail keywords are terms for long and specific keywords. Usually consists of more than 2 syllables. For example:

Short tail: why blogger
Long tail: why did you choose blogger to blog?

Got it enough, right? Alright, let's continue the discussion.

Disadvantages of Long Tail Keywords

1. Small Search Volume

This is certainly true and can be a problem if you rely on one keyword to attract traffic to your blog. Normally, people will tend to type short keywords in a search instead of writing something complex.

A simple example is like this. There was someone who was confused about how to feed a kitten so he decided to google for information. Possible keywords:

Best cat food
How to raise a cat
How to feed a cat

And maybe some other short tail keyword combinations that are not specific and not more than 5 keywords.

Very rarely do people type in keywords like:

The surefire way to feed a cat has proven to be effective


Complete guide to cat feeding

So it is very unlikely that content that shoots long tail keywords will appear on page one of search results. I said unlikely yes, not impossible (impossible).

2. Difficult to develop ideas

For those of you who have often written on blogs with various SEO strategies including shooting short tail and long tail keywords, of course you know or have experienced a situation where it is very difficult to develop writing that targets long tail keywords.

This happens because long tail keywords tend to be specific. Example: 6 Tips for Successful Blogging. It means that there must be 6. If there are 5, it means failure, if there is 7, it means failure.

So it makes you dizzy because you have to compile content to meet keyword needs.

In contrast to the short tail which is usually more general and easy to elaborate.

That's all I think is a striking drawback of targeting long tail keywords. Indeed, there are still many shortcomings of long tail keywords, but they are not too conspicuous.

Advantages of Using Long Tail Keywords

Furthermore, you also need to know the advantages of long tail keywords if they are used properly and optimized properly.

1. Many variants of keywords that can be obtained

Targeting long tail keywords can be very profitable when they can be optimized properly. This happens because long tail keywords contain many combinations of words that can all be keywords themselves.

For example:

Best cat food for Persian breed 2020

From these long tail keywords you can win several combinations of keywords such as:

Best cat food
Persian cat food
Best cat food 2020
Best Persian cat food

And several other combinations of these words.

For more details, you can see the example that I included at the end of this article.

2. Can Take Many References

I don't know if this is a plus point or not, but I think this could be a plus if you're targeting long tail keywords. You can take references from many places to present accurate information.

Why did it happen?

Because based on my personal experience, Google still has a weakness where the articles presented are sometimes not relevant articles in terms of time.

For example, when you search for the keyword "Free Backlink Tips", Google presents content for 2016-2017 on page one, which year backlinks in the form of spam comments still work. In fact in 2020, Google no longer considers such backlinks, but because the authoritativeness of the content is already great, Google still displays the content on pageone.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to make existing and valid information in your content and discard what is no longer relevant and not in accordance with the content you are working on.

For example, from the example above, you create content with the target keyword: Tips for Getting the Latest Powerful Backlinks 2020.

So the contents are only tips that are relevant to 2020 and those that are no longer relevant you leave.

That way, your content can easily get authority and awareness from search engines.

Maybe that's all I want to share about the advantages of targeting long tail keywords in blog content. For more details, please see an example of my experimental results on long tail keywords for small and medium search volumes.


Before I wrote this content, I did an experiment by writing a content targeting a long tail keyword with a low search volume, namely: 50-80 thousand. The keywords I'm targeting are:

Do youtube video loops count views

Within 1 month I optimized the content and thank God it paid off. As you can see in the screenshot below:

Apakah Loop Video YouTube Dihitung View

The articles that I write can appear on page one with the long tail keywords that I target. But that's not enough, what amazed me again is that the content can also get a position in the SERPs for other shorter keyword combinations, namely:

Is the video loop counted view
Is the loop calculated view
Youtube video loop counts views
Video loop counts views
Youtube loops count views
Loop calculated view
Apakah Loop Video YouTube Dihitung View

And maybe there are still some keywords with other combinations of words where my article appears on pageone.

When I consulted with one of the world's top bloggers in Indonesia regarding my case study, the response was more or less:

That's natural because the targeted keywords are not common and few have discussed that topic. Congrats for the results but don't get excited because you have to keep monitoring the performance of your content.

But that's where I got a new understanding that Google is very happy when it finds content that is really fresh and has little to say because it can be new information for Google users.

As a result, my blog, which was still the age of corn, got a reward in the form of a pagon and even a top 3 on every page one for the keyword list I wrote above.


That's a little sharing and my case study about long tail keywords and the benefits that I felt myself after experimenting for a month. However, according to my advice, I am not too happy with the results and I prefer to continue to monitor the progress and continue to experiment and update new content on this blog.

I hope you can apply the same strategy that I did. First, target some long tail keywords and optimize them well to find trust and authority in the eyes of search engines. After that, then try to chase giant keywords that have a high search volume.

I hope my short article is useful. I wrote this post to share and not to be arrogant at all. So if anyone thinks so, please forgive. If anything is unclear, please ask via the comments column below. Thank you for reading and see you in my other posts.


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