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7 Effective Ways to Increase Blog Visitors

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    7 Effective Ways to Increase Blog Visitors - Increasing Traffic is one of the problems that is widely discussed by Bloggers, including myself. But the question is, what is a really effective way to increase our blog traffic? Well, on this occasion I will try to explore this subject based on some of the references that I have collected and learned of course.

    Before we get to our main topic of discussion, I want to ask you a few things.

    Can you answer all my questions above? I'm sure you can answer these simple questions. However, maybe here I will give my own version of the answer about the things above.

    1. What is Traffic?

    Traffic is a count for the number of visits that come to our blog in one unit of time (usually in days). Traffic is a count in the form of a graph whose data comes from visitor visits either from social media, search engines, or directly to your link. A simple example, one visit that you make when you visit this blog and read my article is one count of traffic for my blog. In traffic there is the term UV (Unique Visitor) and also PV (Pageviews).

    UV (Unique Visitor) is how search engines count a visit based on the IP Source. So, no matter how many pages you open on this blog, it will only give 1 value to UV. While PV (Pageviews) is the total number of pages that you open in a blog. For example, on this blog, you read 5 articles, then that means you have given 5 pageviews for this blog. That's a brief explanation of UV and PV. And in my opinion, the traffic is not all good. And I classify this traffic into two, namely Low Quality Traffic and High Quality Traffic.

    2. What is High Quality Traffic?

    High Quality Traffic is traffic that comes because of the need for information, intends to find information or things that cause this person to browse the internet. So that when this traffic reaches our blog, this traffic is willing to linger (2 minutes is quite long) on ​​our blog because of the information he is looking for. Traffic like that is what I call High Quality Traffic.

    On the other hand, there is also what I call Low Quality Traffic. This traffic is usually traffic that comes out of necessity, such as Blogwalking for example. Many Bloggers misunderstand Blogwalking by simply visiting and then placing a comment on one of the articles on the visited blog and then closing it. Traffic like this is not wrong, but its activities make our blog's Bounce Rate increase and of course the quality of the blog also decreases because the higher the Bounce Rate value, the worse the quality of our blog.

    3. What is Bounce Rate?

    Bounce Rate is a rating (assessment) that uses data from the time consumed / spent each traffic that enters a blog. According to several sources that I read, the minimum time that is good and will not affect the Bounce Rate is 1 minute and above. For example, when my friend visits this blog for 30 seconds and then closes my blog tab, then my friend has increased the Bounce Rate of my blog. In other words, you have helped worsen the reputation of my blog.

    4. What are the benefits of Traffic?

    This is the easiest question to answer in my opinion. Traffic is the lifeblood of a blog. Both for those who are just sharing about their lives on blogs or for those who use blogs as a business field, they all need traffic. For those who make blogs just a hobby, they definitely need traffic, because when there is traffic (people) who visit, read the stories we write, let alone give their comments, it will be a source of pride and happiness for the author. That's right?

    Especially for those who use this blog as a source of income, of course this traffic is a mission that must be achieved by blog owners. Because traffic is their source of income. So in essence, traffic is very useful for a blog or even for the blog owner.

    Tips to Increase Blog Visitors

    After reading a little explanation from me, are you interested in knowing more about how 7 Effective Ways to Increase Blog Visitors? I hope so because now we are going to get into the core material.

    To maximize the number of visitors to your blog, there are several things you can try to practice.

    1. Take advantage of social media

    Social media is a means of communication as well as promotion that can be very influential and provide a large number of visitors to our blog. There are several social media sites that you should try to take advantage of, namely:

    If you can, maximize the five social media sites because these five sites are currently skyrocketing, especially Facebook which is the second largest site in the world after Google. Of course there are many other social media sites that you can use and of course it would be better if you could do it.

    By using social media, you can join various communities or groups, exchange links (look for backlinks), promote blogs and even look for colleagues. But keep in mind, there are unwritten ethics that you need to understand and of course obey. Get used to it, when you enter a group or community, don't be in a hurry to immediately tout your link in the group without knowing who the members are there and how the systematics and rules are. Get to know first who is there and how the promotion rules apply to the group/community.

    And after that, don't just play promotions, first build your name in the group/community. Building your name so that other people feel comfortable and trust you can be done by being active in the group/community. Participate and answer questions that you can answer.

    In addition, my friend must understand the rules of good promotion. Don't promote your blog link too often or too much in groups/communities on social media because it's not impossible that this will actually make your blog link considered SPAM by the site. Especially Facebook and Google+. Based on what I read, both sites are very strict on SPAM and Google+ has the authority to delete your blog (Blogger) that becomes SPAM. So be careful, bro. Don't be careless!

    2. Take advantage of the Sharing Forum

    Similar to social media, forums can also have a positive impact on the development of your blog traffic. Especially big forums like the one in Indonesia:

    The two large forums above can provide no small amount of traffic if you can use them to their full potential. And just like social media, in forums there are unwritten ethics that you have to follow. But, not a troublesome and difficult rule to do. You just need to calm down, relax, slowly get to know the life in the forum, the people. Be a useful person on the blog so that people don't hesitate to get to know your friend.

    And when you are in the forum, you are in the right room (a forum that discusses topics that are relevant to your blog). For example, if you have a blog that talks about Pets, then you promote your blog in a forum that focuses on discussing the law or something else. This rule also applies to the FIRST points.

    REMEMBER! Make sure you always pay attention to the relevance (linkage) between your blog and the environment where you are.

    3. Maximize On-page Blog SEO Optimization

    Maksimalkan Optimasi SEO On-page Blog

    On-page SEO is optimization of internal things on your blog. Some of the things you can use to optimize your blog's on-page SEO are:

    • Responsibility
    • Blog Speed
    • Image Usage
    • Title Tags
    • Meta Description
    • Meta Keywords


    What is meant here is modifying the design / appearance of your blog so that it can be RESPONSIVE with all kinds of gadgets used to visit it. In addition to adding value to the SEO value of your blog, paying attention to this one point will also make it easier for you to adjust the appearance of your blog (so you don't need to make two different designs for the desktop display and the mobile display).

    Blog Speed

    Maybe this point is the determining factor and number one in the On-page SEO ranking above. Why? Simply put, when you visit a blog / site and find that the site is "SLOW" what will you do? There are three possibilities that you might do.

    1. Clicking the Refresh button.
    2. Clicking the Back button.
    3. Close tabs.

    All three are not a good choice for the SEO value of your blog. So still, no matter how many backlinks your blog has, no matter how many blog posts you have perched on Pageone, if your blog's loading is slow, then the benefits of backlinks and Pageone that you have will fall. To know the speed of your blog, you can use GTMetrix or Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. If your blog is labeled Green, it means that your blog is quite fast. If it's still yellow, let alone red, then it's clear your blog needs to be fixed.

    Image Usage

    This one may have guessed the reason. Images are a complement to an article, and when promoting our blog on various media, such as social media or others, the image can make the article we promote much more interesting. For example, when you find a promotional post on a social media site, which one is more interesting, one that only contains a link or one that has colorful images? Of course, those who have pictures will look more attractive to us, right?

    Title Tags

    The title tag is a point that you can develop to shoot the keywords that you are targeting. And for that, my friend, of course, must understand the potential of the keywords that my friend is after. To find out how much potential your desired keyword has, you can analyze it using Google Keywords Planner.

    There are some things that are still a mystery to me, some sources say that using numbers in the Title Tag will be able to boost the position of the article in the SERP, especially for Google. For example, an article with a title tag of "Natural Ways to Slim Your Stomach" will lose out to an article that uses the title tag of "12 Natural Ways to Slim Your Stomach". Grammatically and in terms of meaning, the two titles are the same. But somehow the second article occupies a higher position than the first article. I don't really understand about this, maybe I'll talk about this on another occasion.

    And maybe there are some of you who want to try to take advantage of that myth? Who knows it really works.

    Meta Description

    Meta Description is no less important. Here we can shoot our keywords by shooting the keywords that we are targeting through a brief explanation that we can describe in the Meta Description. Even though only 150 words will appear in the SERP, but it can be very useful, friend. But strangely, a lot of blogger friends skip the "Search Description" option and just leave the description in the indexed search results as is. Well, now that you know about this, it's not wrong if you start practicing it on your blog.

    Meta Keywords

    Like Meta Descriptions, Meta Keywords can be very useful. Especially for friends who already understand very well how to manage keywords to get "Long-tail Keywords". So, don't let your friend ignore these Meta Keywords, okay, friend?

    4. Create Content About Article Collection

    This method may not be widely known. However, according to several experts who have practiced this, it proves that content that contains a collection of selected articles has more selling power. An example is an article with the title "10 Best Blogger Templates 2015". Posts with titles like that will have more selling power because the clear content will be more complete than posts that use the title "Best Blogger Template 2015".

    As I said above, the reason why content like this has a higher selling power is because of its completeness that exceeds other articles. The more complete the information presented, the higher the level of satisfaction of your visitors and the higher their level of satisfaction, the more likely your article is to be disseminated by the reader.

    5. Become a Guest Blogger

    This one method may be the hardest way to do it for friends because I'm sure many of you are still thinking "If you can write on your own blog, why should you write on other people's blogs?" Is not it? It's normal for us to think like that. But here I want to tell you some of the advantages that we can get by becoming a Guest Blogger, including:

    1. Get a new relationship with the Owner Blog that we fill.
    2. Get quality backlinks from blogs that we fill.
    3. Guest Bloggers are not required to fill in guest blogs every day.

    The most you have to understand is that a Guest Blogger is not required to fill out articles on blogs that we visit regularly (one every day). So you don't have to feel burdened. Maybe when you have a writing idea that is not relevant to the topic of your blog but relevant to your partner's blog topic, you can contribute your writing idea and of course by inserting small links that lead to your blog. No loss, right?

    6. Dare to “Think Out of the Box”

    This one point concerns how much creativity you have in seeing the opportunities that are in front of you. Suppose today is a trend discussing the news of the death of the late. Olga Syahputra. If my friend just joined in writing about the death of the late. Olga Syahputra, it is guaranteed that your post will be difficult to rank first in the SERP.

    In blogging terms there is the term Newsjacking, what is Newsjacking? Newsjacking is an activity to write news that is added with personal opinion, so that it seems different, unique and certainly more interesting to read.

    In addition, at this point we are required to open our view more broadly to the object that we want to discuss. If many bloggers follow the trend that is currently hot, namely "The death of the late Olga Syahputra", then with the principle of "Think Out of the Box" and equipped with the knowledge of "Newsjacking" you manipulate the news content into "Not Only Family, Indonesia Crying For The departure of Olga Syahputra". More curious, right? Of course it must be accompanied by content that dares to be different from most content. By daring to be unique, it can become your hallmark. Of course, with so many more visitors to your blog because of your creativity in playing your title and content.

    7. Promote Blogs Using Advertising Services

    Well, this method is the most effective and at the same time the least used by Bloggers who are just starting their careers. The reason is simple, because this method is not cheap, let alone FREE. Yep, that is by promoting your blog through Advertising Provider Services.

    Places that have the most potential to bring in traffic and are most trusted today are:

    1. Google Adwords
    2. Facebook
    3. Youtube

    Google Adwords

    Google Adwords is a PPC advertising site that is under the management of Google. If it's a matter of price, you can say "competing" but for those of you who want to use these 7 tips, there's no need to worry. Because Google is certainly selective and provides quality traffic (visitors) for your blog. If not, how can Google Adwords be trusted to advertise various kinds of advertisements on large sites? Isn't that right, mate?


    Facebook as we know is the largest social media site in the world and is ranked 2nd as the best site in the world after Google according to Alexa's assessment. That makes the potential of advertising on Facebook very High Value. And what's even more fun is that when we advertise on Facebook, we can set the budget that we will spend on these ads so that we can still control our finances. And placing ads on Facebook in my personal opinion is still fairly economical even though I've never tried to advertise there.


    Youtube is also one of the largest social media in the world. This video-based social media can also be a very good promotion place for personal friends. However, there is one obstacle that you may face, namely, you must provide a video that will represent your ad.


    Apart from that, there are still many other Advertising Service Provider sites that you can try. Of course, this one method is the easiest and least tiring way, because we only need to pay and then wait for someone else to do the promotional work. But the word "pay" here is a problem for Bloggers, myself included. So, it's up to you if you want to try this method or not.

    That's 7 Effective Ways to Increase Blog Visitors that I can convey. Maybe from my writing above there are many shortcomings, so please forgive me. Hopefully what I write can be useful for all of you. And for those of you who practice my tips, I'm waiting for testimonials of success, right?


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