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10 Characteristics of Quality Backlinks for SEO Optimization

10 Characteristics of Quality Backlinks for SEO Optimization - When we talk about SEO, one of the most frequently discussed factors is about backlinks. Because of the seriousness and importance of this aspect, many people are willing to spend their time learning how to get quality backlinks and then open backlink services to other people who need them.

Before reading further, maybe you need to know what backlinks are? Please read my article entitled What is a Backlink?

Many people just believe in the backlink sales services offered without knowing what a backlink is, how do backlinks affect our website, and how do we know that the backlinks are really quality backlinks?

To eliminate this curiosity, this time I will try to discuss just a little about the characteristics of quality backlinks. So, the next time you discuss this in the community or at your hangout, you're not really blind.

These are some of the characteristics or criteria for a quality backlink.

1. Comes from same-niche/same-theme Source Sumber

At first I was confused, how can backlinks from sources that match our blog can become quality backlinks?

But, let's think from the point of view of search engines (like Google) which tend to use numbers to estimate something. Logically, if the backlinks we get come from the same source, it means that the backlinks are effective and fit for purpose.

It's not possible if we get backlinks from food-themed blog sources when our own blog discusses auto parts. Very Jaka brought a dog!

Therefore, Google and several other web crawlers make this factor an assessment. However, there are several arguments that will later contradict this argument.

2. Bringing Traffic to Blog

One of the factors that causes a quality backlink is when the backlink is successful in attracting a number of visitors to our blog. Visitors who come from backlink sources are called referral visitors (referrers).

Therefore, we don't need to plant too many backlinks when it can't generate traffic at all. Search engines will have difficulty finding these backlinks if minimal people access (click) the link (backlink).

3. Durable

Good and quality backlinks are long-lasting backlinks. If possible, backlinks are planted once and will never be revised again and will never be lost. It's the same as Wikipedia. If you often read articles on Wikipedia thoroughly, you will definitely find the reference section in the form of live links.

If our blog address is in one of the Wikipedia articles, then you can be proud because it is one of the most quality backlinks. Why? Because once our writing (even if only one sentence) is quoted by Wikipedia, then the live link that leads to our web or blog will forever be embedded in Wikipedia until Wikipedia disappears on the face of the internet virtual world.

And because of that, before planting a backlink, you need to pay attention to how the backlink will last. For example, if you want to plant backlinks on other people's blogs, you must first make sure that the blog is a well-maintained and managed blog so that the domain of the blog will not be forfeited.

If the domain dies and is not renewed, the backlinks you get will also be forfeited or Lost Links or Broken Links.

4. Coming from the High Quality Web

Now, this argument is one of the arguments that hit the first point. In the first point, it is explained that quality backlinks are backlinks that come from the same source while at this point, backlinks must come from high-quality websites. 

Some of the references that I have found all agree that a quality website is the one with the .gov, .edu,, and .org domains.

Meanwhile, you need to know that there are not many blogs with .gov domains because these domains can only be used by government agencies. And we also realize that not all departments in the government have the same topic (theme) with our blog.

There may be a few that intersect, but how many anyway?

Therefore, please specify, which do you think is more relevant and more valuable? Which comes from the high quality web or from the theme web?

I myself prefer a high-quality web even though it is not a theme. At least I know, if sourced from high quality web, it will certainly increase the reputation of our blog in the eyes of search engines.

5. DoFollow

The reason for this one is very simple. If the backlink we get is a dofollow link, then webcrawlers can explore the link to find our blog. This will really help webcrawlers in assessing the quality of our blog.

The opposite of dofollow links is nofollow links. To find out, please see the HTML form of the link, is there a rel="nofollow" code in it or not? If there is, then the link can be ascertained nofollow.

Nofollow links are considered unqualified by most SEO experts because they cannot be crawled by web crawlers. But I feel that both dofollow and nofollow links have their own value that can develop our blog.

My blog only until now has a few dofollow links. In fact, almost 80% of the backlinks that I get are nofollow backlinks, but until now I still maintain it and take no action to remove it because I believe that these links will still have an impact on my blog.

But the decision is up to each of you. Please decide, is the nofollow link important or not?

6. Contains SEO Keywords

This one factor is important. Many bloggers are wrong about the meaning of backlinks so they prioritize quantity over quality. Simply put, because they are more concerned with a large number of backlinks, they are willing to spam in comments with their real names and then put their blog link in that name.

That's great because if anyone visits our blog via that link, it will be of benefit to us.

But, we need to know that every traffic is judged by search engines. If the keywords that we put are not relevant to our blog, then that image will be juxtaposed by search engines to our blog.

For example, my blog name is Ninura. Common topics discussed on my blog are around SEO, Blogging, AdSense, and several other things related to blogs.

Suddenly I created a backlink on a website with the name *this is just for example* SBOBET POKER GAMBLING and planted a link to my blog with that name. So in the end my blog will be branded discussing content related to gambling as well.

The best recommendation is to make a link with the name of the blog or with important keywords related to our blog content (if for my blog personally I definitely prioritize learning SEO, Blogging, and AdSense keywords).


Have you ever hidden a link by reducing its font or using CSS display:none and visibility:hidden? Honestly, I have. Especially when discussing credit links from blog templates which are sometimes difficult to remove.

For those who get backlinks, of course it's not a big problem. But, unfortunately it is one form of reducing the value of the backlink.

This relates to the second point regarding traffic. Just think with a little bit of logic, if the link is very small or hidden, how can people see it? Just looking can't let alone click and access!

So it will indirectly reduce the value of these backlinks. Conversely, if we plant too many outbound links (links to other webs) on our blog with a hidden form (whether it's small or disguised), then our blog will be considered a RUBBISH blog!

8. Naturally Implemented

Maybe this one factor is rarely considered, but in my opinion, this factor is quite important. Many people who are consumed by good website talk are those that have lots of backlinks. Therefore they are willing to find and install as many backlinks as possible in the shortest possible time.

In fact, that's not the right way. Backlinks must be built naturally. Think of backlinks like chickens, make one first, then they will lay eggs and lay eggs over time.

Build backlinks naturally. While diving and drinking water, it's like what I use. Don't bother wanting to have a lot of backlinks in a short time in the name of SEO. It is not good!

In addition, natural backlinks are backlinks written or created directly by the content creator on the website and not created by the user (user generated content).

9. Not Coming from SPAM

This one point relates to the source of backlinks. Quality backlinks are backlinks that are embedded in website pages that do not contain many outbound links.

I'll give a simpler example like this, you can get a backlink from one of the pages on site A and site B.

On page A, there are more than 1000 outbound links and one of them is a link to your blog or website.

While on the B site page, there are only 2-3 outbound links and one of them is a link to your blog.

By analogizing that the two sources of backlinks have the same authority value, then a higher quality backlink is a backlink from page B.

This rule also applies if the authority of the B site page is smaller.

That's because on site page B, your backlink is considered a credit link while on site page A it is considered a SPAM link.

10. One Way Link

Another characteristic of quality backlinks is that they are one-way or only backlinks from the referring page to your website or blog and not vice versa. This is a search engine step to eliminate the link exchange system.

For example like this: you get a backlink from site A to one of your blog article pages.

At this point backlinks from site A are considered one-way backlinks and this is safe.

Then, as a thank you, you also provide a backlink back to site A.

At this stage, the backlink becomes two ways or multi-ways or simultaneous backlink and at this point your backlink will be monitored and suspected of being a link exchange.

If it is only 1-2 links, of course it is safe. But if you have a lot, you need control and pay attention to your fear of being caught by Google and even being deindexed.


So the conclusion is that there are several characteristics of a quality backlink. I am not saying that the above explanation is the most correct and valid! I need to tell you that all the above explanations are a mixture of opinions and information from my very limited reading.

Do not 100% hold my writing. Please look for other references from those who are experts in their fields.

I hope this information is helpful. Happy planting backlinks!


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