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What is SEO?

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    What is SEO? - As someone who is in the world of blogging for years, I certainly familiar with the word of SEO. But, often ordinary people who are new to this matter think that SEO is a fast way to make our blog rich in visitors, and can get abundant income. It is true, but not instantly. It's vice versa.  Here I am going to talk a little bit about SEO and its stuff. To begin this topic of SEO, let's begin with the definition of SEO itself. How far do we understand about this word of SEO? Let's dig deeper about this.


    SEO is Search Engine Optimization. Based on Wikipedia, SEO is a process that is carried out systematically which aims to increase the volume and quality of traffic visits through search engines to certain websites by utilizing search engine algorithms or search results based on certain targeted keywords. In more simple word, SEO is a kind of activity you do so that search engine noticed you and give more attention to you and your contents.

    You could say this SEO is a technique that we can all use to optimize our contents so that our contents are able to occupy the highest position in search engine results or commonly known as SERP (we will talk about SERP later). Actually, SEO is not too important for blogs that are used to share experiences, or just make blogs as a place to vent or other words as a Personal Diary. But it's different if the blog you had want to monetize both through advertising marketing and product sales. For types of blogs like that, obviously SEO is very useful because it can increase sales competitiveness.

    But many are mistaken about SEO because they only read one or two materials about SEO, making them believe that "Quantity is more important than Quality!" That's what makes many bloggers fail in the development process. Honestly, I also had the same thought. I once thought "If a lot of backlinks are good for SEO, I'm just looking for 1000 backlinks for this blog so that tomorrow if the update can be Page One directly,".

    It turns out that such a perception is wrong. When I have collected lots of backlinks (but certainly not up to 1000) in a day, I also try to update new articles and immediately check my new articles. It was indexed fast, but my post sank to 15th page. It is very far from the target, Page One. So, SEO is not as simple as gaining tons of backlinks.


    There are so many aspects related to this SEO thing. When we talk about SEO, we will talk about off-page, on-page, Google, social media, link building, and many others words which perhaps needs thousands years to mention all of them. In general, we can classify into 2 big points:

    • Black Hat SEO
    • White Hat SEO

    What are the differences between the two types of SEO above?  These classifications are based on the activities we do when we are optimizing our content. I can simply say that White Hat SEO is a blog page optimization technique that is done naturally without haste and in ways that are not recommended by Google and its affiliates. The techniques are On Page optimization through Meta Tags, Titles, Inbound Links, Outbound Links, Descriptive, and others, whereas Black Hat SEO is a blog page optimization technique that is done quickly, instantaneously and usually too hastily. We can simply define these two categories as bad and nice way of optimizing content.

    The results of these two techniques are of course different, although I'm not sure about the difference, but according to what I heard from my more skilled predecessors, he said the results of Black Hat SEO are Temporary, meaning short term. Indeed, the results are fast, but they also run out quickly. For White Hat SEO, the process is constant, but the results can be said to be permanent and significant. For a more in-depth discussion, maybe next time I will discuss more about this one.

    Not only based on the way it is done, SEO can also be classified based on the working area into 2 types, namely:

    • On Page SEO
    • Off Page SEO

    On Page SEO is the optimization of your blog from within or internally. Such as optimization of the Title Tag, Meta Tag, and others that can be done from within the blog or within the scope of your blog's HTML.

    Off Page SEO is a blog optimization from outside or externally. This optimization is done by searching for Backlinks, Promotions, Submitting to Social Bookmarking, etc.

    So, for these two points, nothing is unimportant. You need to do both of them for maximum results. If it is partially empty, the results from your SEO will not be optimal. Therefore, it is necessary to have consistency and seriousness in carrying out these two optimizations. Relax buddy, as a fellow Blogger, I will help as much as I can to optimize your blog, through tutorials and tips that I will present later, of course.


    When it comes to benefits, of course SEO is very useful. Here are some of the benefits that are definitely obtained by SEO optimization of your blog:

    • Increased traffic to our blog visits.
    • Increase the percentage of possible purchases of our products.
    • Give the impression of a professional blog.
    • Make it easy to master the targeted keywords.

    Need an explanation? I do not think so. I believe all of you have understood the advantage points of doing SEO Optimization for your blog.


    Sorry if this one article doesn't match the title I gave. I try to share the things I know about SEO as much as I can. If there is a shortage, please understand.

    SEO is like building a relationship, or friend. We have to enjoy the process. There is no need to rush, because things that are too hasty will impact on how quickly boredom comes. Simple tips from me is, do it constantly and periodically.

    If, for example, you are used to updating about 2 articles per day, do it continuously. Don't go up and down. For example, today 2 articles, tomorrow because you are excited, you write 7 articles, and the next day because you are not enthusiastic, you only write 1 article.

    Just try to be constant. That way it will be easier and more enjoyable to optimize our blog.

    If there is something unclear, feel free to ask through the comment box below. See you in the other content.


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